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Seconds Sale! Sailor Moon Disguise Pen Pin

Image of Seconds Sale! Sailor Moon Disguise Pen Pin

This is a "seconds sale" listing for the Sailor Moon Disguise Pen Pin, which means there are imperfections with these pins.

Possible issues include:
- Small dot in solid paint
- Slight discoloration
- Metal discoloration
- Thicker metal areas (from polishing)

I've added different grades to these pins, so you can save even more if you are okay with slightly more defects.

Grade A - Mostly not be noticeable unless you look closely at the pin.
Grade B - May have more than just one imperfection.
Grade C - Noticeable defects. Can be great for cosplaying at the con, where it's just being used temporarily as an accessory.

The pin features:

  • 2.5" in height.
  • Quality hard enamel.
  • Pink iridescent glitter paint.
  • Gold-plated.